How to Avoid the Eviction Process in Colorado | Property Management in Denver, CO

The last thing landlords want to think about is evicting someone from their rental property. However, if you have a tenant who is not paying rent on time or consistently violating the terms of your lease, it might be necessary to evict. Today, we’re explaining how Denver property management companies are able to avoid eviction, and why working with a professional can help you if the process becomes inevitable.

Start with Good Tenant Screening

The first thing you can do to avoid eviction is to implement a proper screening process. All potential tenants should be rigorously screened before they can move into your investment property. This is the best way to minimize the chances you will have to evict. Always check credit histories, criminal backgrounds, and landlord references. Check pet references too, if your tenant is moving in with pets. Ideally, you want to find someone who has been in a rental property for a desirable amount of time. If you have a tenant who has moved through several different properties in the last year or two, that could be a red flag. Look for consistent and timely rental payments and good references.

Understanding Colorado Eviction Laws

If you find that your tenants aren’t paying, and you decide that you need to evict them, there is a legal process and proper paperwork that needs to be filled out. If you are not familiar with Colorado eviction laws, we recommend that you contact a professional who can serve your tenants an eviction notice and provide you with information and resources that you need. A Denver property management company can do all the worrying for you. Evictions are no fun and they take a lot of time. But if you have a property manager taking care of things, you’ll get those tenants out of your property as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary damages.  Document any damage once your tenants are evicted. Take pictures so you can be compensated for any damages and expenses.

How to Avoid the Eviction Process in Colorado | Property Management in Denver, COIf you have any questions about avoiding evictions or what you need to do when you’re filing them, talk to a property management Denver leader. Contact us at Performance Property Management.