How to Minimize Maintenance Costs for Your Rental | Denver, CO Property Management

Keeping maintenance costs down on your rental property is crucial when you want to increase the return you earn on your investment. While repairs and maintenance are always going to be necessary, you can work with your Denver property management company to minimize what you have to spend on unexpected repairs.

Working with a Reliable Vendor List

Check with your property management company and make sure they have reliable contractors or subcontractors that they work with on a regular basis. It’s always great to see a long history between a property manager and a professional contractor. You need a team that you can really rely on to deliver high quality and cost efficient maintenance services to your investment property. At Performance Property Management, many of our contractors have been with us for 10 years or more. We know it’s important as a company providing property management in Denver to establish and maintain good working relationships with these professionals.

Assigning a Handyman to Minor Issues

A lot of rental maintenance can be managed by a handyman. So make sure your property management company works with a handyman for minor issues. This will save a lot of time and money when there’s someone who can quickly and efficiently take care of small problems.

Identifying Specialized Contractors for Major Repairs

You’ll also need specialized contractors for emergency repairs, such as HVAC problems, plumbing issues, or remediation needs. So while you might use a handyman for minor maintenance concerns in order to save money, you want to have a professional take care of those specialized issues. Otherwise, small repairs will become larger and more expensive repairs. Make sure there is a maintenance supervisor on staff who is familiar with your property so they can avoid repeated trips. Having someone who can troubleshoot over the phone will also help you minimize your costs. The maintenance supervisor should have the skills and qualifications to make the decisions about whether the needs at your property are routine or urgent.

How to Minimize Maintenance Costs for Your Rental | Denver, CO Property ManagementIf you have any questions about maintenance cost or anything pertaining to Denver property management, please contact us at Performance Property Management.