Putting forth your best effort…

Fear Leads to Inaction, which will not get you to success

Many people who are not producing results in their real estate careers and are reading this are prone to inaction because of fear of doing it incorrectly.  Remember, it’s not a matter of doing things perfectly, but putting forth your best effort and having faith in yourself that you are putting your best foot forward. Be prepared because everyone falls every now and then. We have to surround ourselves with a good team for support and have faith that if we keep ourselves educated and continue taking actions in a positive manner that we will achieve positive results.  As I discussed in other articles, a lot of action taken at the “C” level of accuracy beats taking fewer actions at the “A” level. Continued perseverance leads to success.

Staying on the right track can help you reach success

Lack of knowledge certainly makes it difficult to invest in a slow market, and in fact is probably the single biggest drawback for the average person.  Most people only have the opportunity to sell a few houses in their lifetime and often rely on professionals to do the work.  Thus, the average home seller does not have enough practice to get really good at the job.  In fact, most real estate agents who sell houses for a living are hardly good at it.  The top 5% of agents in any market do the vast majority of successful business. Until you are in that top 5% you need a good team that has that experience to keep you on the right track.

Success by numbers

Taking the time to learn what to do is a very important part of the success in real estate investing.  In the classic book “Think & Grow Rich”, Napoleon Hill writes about the importance of learning the right things.  He distinguishes between general knowledge and specialized knowledge.  Certainly, there’s a lot of general real estate knowledge in bookstores and floating around the Internet, but you need to be in a group to learn and continue learning because as soon as you get it figured out things will change.  Our experience in real estate investing and property management will reveal the very specialized knowledge you’ll need to achieve the results you want.

Jerry Minney, New Business Development Manager/Consultant

Performance Property Management, Inc


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