moving van on moving day

Tips for a Stress-Free Moving Day

It’s moving day! Are you prepared? Moving can be a very stressful time as it is, but following some of these moving day tips can really make or break not just your back but the move itself.

Read Your Lease Carefully

Reading your lease on moving day and making sense of all of the legal mumbo jumbo can be overwhelming and confusing but don’t overlook its importance. Your lease is a legal document with relevant information that can affect your entire living experience from your budget to how to deal with your noisy neighbors. Your lease spells out everything from your monthly amount due and when you’re supposed to pay it, not to mention important tidbits like grace periods, late fees, and who pays the utilities. It explains who does what and who pays for what regarding repairs. Don’t overlook your apartment complex’s pet policy and house rules. And if you are ever faced with eviction or an early termination, the lease will spell all that out as well.

Consider Hiring Movers

If you need help on moving day and you’re not fortunate enough to have willing friends who like pizza and beer, you might consider hiring movers. This too can be infuriating. If you aren’t paying close attention, packing and moving can cost you lots of money. According to, figure out how much supplies your really need. There are several costs involved in moving and sometimes the cost of packing isn’t factored into the equation. The have a really useful packing and moving box calculator on their website.

Transfer Your Utilities

Have you transferred your cable, electricity and other utilities prior to moving day? This task is one that you should handle ahead of time. Check with your new place to see if they have any in-house agreements with tv, cable or internet providers. Your landlord might think they can’t allow another provider into the building because the contract includes an “exclusivity clause.” However, in 2007 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) declared such clauses to be unenforceable.  Do a little research ahead of time.

It’s Moving Day!

All of your boxes are labeled and staged, waiting for the movers on moving day. Before they lift a box or cart off your furniture, walk through your old apartment or home and verify that the inventory sheet is accurate. Make sure that you agree with them about the condition of your belongings, especially your furniture in case of damage during the move. Make sure they have your new address and that you have lined up the move-in with your new landlord. Provide contact information to them so that you can be reached if anything goes wrong during the process. Finally, confirm the time and date you can expect your belongings to arrive.

Don’t Forget To Clean Out Your Old Residence

Among the many tips for moving day, now that your old apartment is empty, it’s time to clean it. How spic and span you get your apartment when you move out can affect how much of your deposit you get back. There are a number of helpful move-out checklists available online. Take pictures of your empty place when you’re done. It’s important to keep this documentation in case there is a disagreement between you and your old landlord.

A well-planned move can save you time, energy and minimize stress. There are a number of things you can do ahead of time to make moving in and out less of a hassle.